Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Course

Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Course

From: £120.00

The Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Course is intended for all paddlers, coaches and volunteers irrespective of craft or discipline choice.  It aims to provide paddlers with the key safety and rescue skills required to operate safely and to be able to deal with common problems in a sheltered water environment.


You need to register first on the course with Paddle Scotland. On day 1 of the course there is an admin fee to be paid to the assessor.

Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Course PSRC

The Paddle UK Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course (PSRC) is designed to provide paddlers with the key safety and rescue skills to be able to deal with common problems when on the water and when coaching in a sheltered water environment.  It is designed to inform paddlers safe ways to operate and deal with common emergencies/paddling issues and rescues either of themselves and others. The PSRC course typically lasts for around six-eight hours of the day and will feature indoor theory, outdoor practical, in and out the water (boat & bank based) scenarios.

Before booking on to the Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Course please ensure you meet the pre-requisites.  A valid Paddle UK or Paddle Scotland membership is required. We ask you to have all your own or access to personal paddling & safety equipment. You should be able to swim in normal paddle clothing, it is recommended (but not required) to have a first aid course certificate and you must be a minimum of a paddle explore award standard of ability (do not need to hold the actual certificate you just need to be of the standard so as to be able to successfully control your boat).

If you have already completed a Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Course, then check out our White Water Safety & Rescue instead.

The course is suitable for all ages and great for individuals, aspirant Paddlesport Instructors and groups wanting to expand their safety practices when on the water. The course content focuses on rescuing from the paddlers specific craft and covers equipment, safety frameworks, as well as a range of rescues including contact and towing rescues, self-rescues and deep water rescues.

Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Course Structure

The Paddlesport Safety and Rescue course is a 6-hour programme that consists of 6 modules.

  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Safety frameworks
  • Contact and Towing rescues
  • Self-rescues
  • Deep water rescues
  • Reflection and development

Craft of Choice

You can present for the Paddlesport Safety & Rescue course in many different craft – normal options are as below:

  • Canoe
  • Sit on Top Kayak
  • Sup
  • Closed Cockpit Kayak

Should you wish to utilise a different craft from the above please contact us prior to booking.

The cost of the PSRC includes:

  • The technical Training &Aassessment
  • Transport to and from the venues
  • The boats required for the course – sup, canoe, kayak.
  • Technical equipment like paddles and spraydecks.

The PSRC does not include

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • You will require all your own personal paddling & safety equipment: throwbag, bouyancy aid, paddlesports tape, helmet, drysuit/wetsuit.
  • On the day you will need to bring £5.00 admin fee associated with the course to be paid to the course provider.

Private days coaching

If you are unsure of your current paddling ability, or have not been in a boat for some time then we can offer a private days coaching the day before the course to ensure you are current and ready for the Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course.

Prerequisites for Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Course

  • No minimum age
  • Paddle explore award standard of paddling or certificate.
  • Valid NGB i.e. SCA/BC/Canoe Wales/Cani membership.

Additional Information

The cost of the PSRC Training course does not include accommodation. This may be available upon request.

Take a look at the Paddle Scotland webpage or the PSRC Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Course syllabus to find out more information.

If you are interested in becoming an outdoor instructor, then why not take a look at our Outdoor Instructor Training Courses?

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