One Day Winter Skills Course (Private)

One Day Winter Skills Course (Private)

From: £325.00

Private Winter Skills training days & courses in Scotland run in the Cairngorms & Aviemore. In short, learn the skills to move safely & efficiently in the winter mountains. As well as the safe use of ice axes & crampons & how to plan routes according to weather & avalanche risk.

Take a look at our two-day open course as well:

Two Day Course.

Winter Skills Training Courses in Scotland

Get Active on our winter skills training days & courses in Scotland – based in the Cairngorms national park near Aviemore. This course ensures you have the skills, knowledge & training to travel Scottish mountains safely in winter conditions.

On the training course, you will get to develop your winter skills and learn new techniques. Such as: navigation, use of crampons & ice axes, walking safely in the snow, snow-pack analysis, & avalanche awareness/evaluation. Moreover, the Winter Skills days will utilise the Cairngorms (the very heart of winter in Scotland) to teach you the fundamentals of hill walking in Winter conditions.

Our winter skills days and training courses are run from the Cairngorms Adventure Centre and use the Northern Corries and Cairngorm Plateau. Certainly one of Scotland’s finest, and most accessible high mountain areas. Thus maximising your learning time with minimal travel. But if conditions look better in other nearby hills we will head to where the conditions and weather look best to ensure you get the best day possible.

Video Of Scotland With It's Winter Coat of Snow

Other Winter Skills Course Durations

Two Day Scottish Winter Skills Courses

Our 2 day winter skills training courses in the Cairngorms, Aviemore & throughout Scotland are designed to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to travel safely in the high mountains in winter conditions. These essential skills will be learned and developed throughout your chosen course. The Winter Skills days will utilise the Cairngorms to teach you the fundamentals of hill walking in winter conditions.

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