Paddlesport Touring Leader Assessment

Paddlesport Touring Leader Assessment

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The Paddle UK Paddlesport Touring Leader assessment is run on a 1 day 1:1 or 1:2 ratio and can be done in canoe, closed cockpit kayak, sup or sit on top kayak.


You need to register first on the course with Paddle Scotland. On day 1 of the course there is an admin fee to be paid to the assessor.

Paddlesport Touring Leader Assessment

This Paddle UK Paddlesport Touring Leader assessment can be run in one day on a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 ratio and you can present on SUP, canoe, closed or open cockpit kayaks. This assessment will be most likely based around the Cairngorms & Aviemore area although we can travel further afield if group or conditions require us to. The Paddlesport Touring Leader Award will qualify you to lead multi craft groups on open inland water and slow moving rivers of grade 1 with the occasional short rapid of grade 2 and simple safe weirs. This includes single and tandem craft. On the day you will be expected to lead a group in the appropriate environment for the award.

If you want to lead groups in a paddlesport environment for yourself, your club or employer then this could be the right award for you. The award supports your existing skills and enables you to lead safe, fun and enjoyable trips for a variety of groups and craft. In environments of open and moving water: the open water would be in wind not exceeding Beaufort force 4 and the rivers would be grade 1 (2). Options for this would be the River Ness & Loch Dochfour where you can put on at Dochgarroch, paddle onto the Loch as a perfect warmup before heading onto the river. From here you can paddle the river Ness down a short way with a weir at the start to tackle or portage as appropriate and 1 grade 2 rapid (fast eddy) before getting out and carrying the boats 20m back onto the canal to paddle back and finish at Dochgarroch where you started. Another option would be Loch Insh and the River Spey

During the Paddlesport Touring Leader assessment you will be assessed on the following four areas (all our course providers do their absolute best to take the stress out of the assessment and will keep you fully involved in the process and decision making as much as possible): 

  • Participant focused leadership skills.
  • personal paddling skills
  • rescue skills.
  • underpinning background knowledge, understanding and experience.

Your Assessment

Here at Active all our own Providers truly pride themselves in keeping you in the know and in charge of your own assessment. It is your journey that you are going on so they will allow you to take charge of the day and always keep you informed of any elements of the syllabus which need to be looked at. At the end of the assessment they will sit down with you on a 1:1 basis and ensure you gain feedback and can answer any questions that you might have from the day. We believe that assessments are also a great place for learning so we will help tailor the day to you.

You will be expected on your Paddlesport Touring Leader Award assessment to do the following:

  1. Paddle your chosen craft to an efficient standard
  2. Rescue all craft from your chosen craft in different environments and look after the group.
  3. Plan and lead a journey that allows the clients some independence where appropriate and both empowers and develops them.
  4. Lead students in open water and white water at the top end of the remit safely.
  5. You will lead between 4-6 people with a minimum of at least one SUP, one canoe and one kayaker.

Paddlesport Touring Leader Assessment Prerequisites:

For the Paddlesport Touring Leader assessment the following needs to be in place.

  • Be a member of your national governing body.
  • You need to be registered on the award.
  • Be aged 16 or over.
  • Be of the same start as a paddle explore award or hold the certificate.
  • Have a valid first aid course.
  • Have a valid safeguarding course.

Have a look at the course documentation at this link to familiarise yourself with the syllabus and how the day will run.

Course Kit List:

  1. We will be able to supply the craft – canoes, kayaks, sups but you are welcome to bring and use your own should you wish.
  2. We will be able to supply the paddles and all technical equipment for the clients but there is an expectation you kit up the clients and are aware of the correct equipment that is needed. You can use our paddles and kit or your own.

The kit we ask you to bring for your Paddlesport Touring Leader assessment is as follows:

  1. Your own personal paddling kit i.e. BA, helmet, drysuit/wetsuit, appropriate safety equipment i.e. karabiners, tape, throwbag, knife.
  2. Leader kit i.e. first aid, group shelter, survival bag, spare layers, hot drink.

Additional Paddlesport Courses

If this course is not quite right for you then have a look at the Paddlesport Leader or Paddlesport Instructor courses as well.

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