White Water Safety & Rescue

From: £150.00

This training course is intended for all paddlers, coaches and volunteers irrespective of craft or discipline choice, and is available in either bank-based or boat-based option.


WWSRT Training

The White Water Safety & Rescue – WWSRT Training course is a 2-day course and is designed to provide paddlers with the key safety and rescue skills when on moving water across a range of crafts.  It is designed to inform paddlers safe ways to operate and deal with common emergencies and rescues either of themselves and others. To book on the WWSRT training course you should be confident at paddling and swimming in grade two water. There is no age restriction for this course, but if you are a child you will need to be a strong paddler and confident swimmer. The course teaches you how to deal with rescues and common emergencies associated with white water paddling.

The cost of the WWSRT white water safety and rescue course training includes:

  • The technical assessment
  • Transport to and from the venues

It does not include

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • A kayak – they are available to rent if required.
  • You will require all your own personal paddling & safety equipment.
  • Personal registration or certification fees.

On the WWSRT training course, you will use a range of simulated scenarios this training course teaches safe paddling strategies and a variety of different rescue skills and aims to:

  • improve individuals awareness of safety skills in the river environment
  • teach personal survival skills
  • teach throw line rescue techniques
  • understand the need for structure in an emergency situation
  • outline basic rescue protocols that prioritise the safety of the individual above all others
  • introduce & develop the ‘clean rope’ principle.

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The cost of the WWSRT White Water Safety and Rescue Training course does not include accommodation.

Take a look at the British Canoeing webpage on the WWSRT syllabus to find out more information.

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