White Water Rafting on the River Garry

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***We are waiting for the 2024 dam release dates before making our River Garry rafting trips available to book***

White Water Rafting in Fort William & Fort Augustus in Scotland is one of our most popular and fun river experiences. Active Outdoor Pursuits provide rafting on the best white water rafting rivers in Scotland. Rafting is a great fun activity for everyone.

White Water Rafting in Fort William & Fort Augustus on the River Garry

Grade 3/3+

White water rafting on the River Garry Nearby Fort William & Fort Augustus in the Great Glen is a truly memorable experience. This 4 mile long fast flowing and technical river contains many fun grade 3/3+ rapids. This section contains some of the most thrilling rapids in Scotland and is one of our most popular activities for good reason.

White Water Rafting on the Garry begins below the Dam. From here you are straight into the action with the first rapid being just 50 metres away from the put in. Being dam controlled, this trip is available most Thursdays and Saturday with scheduled release dates between March and October. Rafting on the River Garry is suitable for adults and water confident young people aged 10+.

All of our trips do two runs of the river and take place over the full day where we take our time relax, surf the waves and tailor the day to you. We do not run morning or afternoon sessions like other companies, we offer you the full day.

White Water Rafting the River Garry is suitable for families and groups.

  • The minimum age for White Water Rafting on the Garry is 10 years old.
  • We supply all the technical equipment – Buoyancy aids, Wetsuits, Helmets, Rafts & Paddles.
  • What you need to bring is swim shorts to go over a wetsuit , an old pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet, and a towel, warm clothing for before and after the activity.
  • We will try and take some photographs during the day if appropriate to do so and post these to Facebook after so you have access to them for free.

We can meet you at the venue, en-route or at our main base.

Photos from Our White Water Rafting Trips on the River Garry

When is best to go White Water Rafting on the Garry?

We provide white water rafting sessions all year round on the river Garry. The Garry runs throughout later Spring into Autumn most Thursdays and Saturdays as it is a dam release section of river which we raft. This ensures that the rivers levels are always perfect and the optimum level for a fun filled bouncy raft down the river.  If you don’t see the dates on our calendar you are after then just drop us a ring and we will be happy to help organise a trip to suit you if we can. 

What is White Water Rafting?

White Water Rafting is one of the most adventurous fun activities you can take part in anywhere across Scotland. They are inflatable rafts which are made from highly durable Hypalon or PVC (ours are Hypalon) that are designed to go down the rivers and rapids safely while having a great day out. All of our Guides are Qualified as raft guides and are well aware of the lines and safety required on the river so you can rest assured you are in the best possible hands for your day.

Rivers are graded from grade 1-6. The Garry is a grade 3+ river. Effectively grade 1 is moving very gently, Grade two is a bit more fun and bouncy, Grade three is more technical with larger rapids. Grade 4 is getting more technical and big water. Then grade 5 and upwards are really serious and few people raft these rivers in Scotland without people having prior experience in rafts. Even then the companies who say they raft these rivers almost always walk around the grade 5 sections as they are that serious.

Other Rivers we Raft Across Scotland

Check out our White Water Rafting Video Below

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Meeting Location

For this activity we aim to meet at the blue building in the Great Glen Water Park at 10:30.

Meeting Location

For this activity we aim to meet at 10:30 by the blue building by the Lochside in the Great Glen Water Park.

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