Where The ITC Course Can Take You Career Wise.

Where The ITC Course Can Take You Career Wise.

It is with great sadness that at the end of this month we say goodbye to our Activities Manager who has been with us the last ten years. But all change is good change! He has taken the time to write up this short blog to help people understand how far the ITC course can take them and what they can do with their chosen career path.

When Jim came to us at the young age of 21 he was already a proficient climber and hillwalker with a little experience paddling but not much and hadn’t skied for a long time since he had been a kid (although this came back quickly). On the ITC course he came away as a raft guide, paddlesports coach, safety and rescue course holder, mountain bike course holder, mountain leader, single pitch award holder and many others. Within a year on his Instructor Development Programme he quickly progressed through many awards and even sat his Mountaineering Instructor Award training course. All of this was possible because of the environment he was in whereby development is nurtured and encouraged through the staff team. We have systems in place to help people learn, develop and further their development as far as they wish to go! 

And Jim went a long way!

Jim Miller

SCA provider & MTS Director

During his time at Active, Jim was helped, nurtured and supported in his development across all the different sports working his way through the ranks to become Activities manager. Here he progressed through to becoming a raft guide course provider for the SCA as well as SUP, canoe, sea kayak & river kayak course provider as well. He loves everything there is to love about paddlesports. But on top of this he also managed to become a MTS course Director for mountain leader and also the rock climbing instructor. He has the privilege of sitting on different SCA and also BC technical boards for paddlesports. He has become a widely known and respected white water SUP boarder as well as becoming the first international SUP ambassador for Hala the world’s best white water sup company.

In his own words (seeing as he is writing this blog) all the above would have been significantly harder or possibly even not possible if it wasn’t for the support, development and opportunities he has had through the ITC, IDP and then as senior instructor and activities manager working for us 😀 He is eternally grateful for where he has been setup in the industry and will always look back on his time at Active with fond memories and will hopefully not become a stranger. If anyone ever wants a climb or a paddle they need only message him!

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to such a long serving member of staff and especially one who has dedicated himself to the industry in so many ways. But we wish him the absolute best in his new ventures pushing the realms of white water SUP and look forward to seeing where this takes him! 

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