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Active Outdoor Pursuits has always believed in opening doors and providing opportunities to help people be their best and realise their dreams – in particular Our Professional Outdoor Instructors and Trainees. This philosophy has been at the core of our company since its inception in 1999. For both clients and staff, we believe that nature and adventure offer the perfect solution to finding balance and perspective in life.

Adventurous activities have long been recognised as an effective tool in both personal and educational development. The benefits are many and diverse, from the physical and emotional benefits to raising awareness of the things that are truly valuable in life, like family, community and the planet we live on.

The educational benefits are unquestionable: from raising young people’s awareness, self-esteem and resilience – through outdoor and adventurous education for schools, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – through to developing the careers of people who love the outdoors, enabling them to gain the necessary experience and qualifications to work in the industry and to pass on their skills, knowledge and passion to others.

At Active, we are dedicated to ensuring that every client and member of staff, regardless of their demographic, is treated with equality and respect.

Every trainee instructor, as well as staff on our Outdoor Instructor Development Programme, have an intensive ongoing programme of instructor training courses, assessments and a dedicated mentor. Instructors on our IDP programmes continue their development through a vocational training programme that offers opportunities that will establish them as highly skilled and knowledgeable outdoor professionals.

Each year, we offer most of our Professional Outdoor Instructor trainees the opportunity to stay on after their training course to complete our Outdoor Instructor Development Programme. This is a 6 month contract where we constantly develop and train our staff to put them through NGB qualifications when they are ready for them. So they are always improving. All the people who have come through our Instructor training courses and our current instructors are multi-talented and can run most if not all the activities we offer.

The Outdoor Instructor training course is at the core of the company. We find that the best way to enthuse and encourage people to work in the outdoors is to believe in them! All our staff are approachable and open: they don’t just know how to train people quickly; they know how to train people well – so that they become true professionals in the industry. It is for that reason we are widely known in the outdoor industry for our Outdoor Instructor Training Course and have brought through instructors who are now at the top of the entire outdoor industry in mountain, paddle and snow sports.

Some of the people who will work with you on the Instructor Training course.

James (Jim) Miller – Activities Manager

I chose to become a professional outdoor instructor because there is no better job: I have the best office possible – the mountains, lochs and rivers of the Highlands … and I get to meet loads of different people each day. I chose to work in Scotland because there is no better place in the UK … simply put, Scotland is beautiful and if it wasn’t for the midges it would be perfection.

Gethin Richards – Operations Manager

After 15 years working in the corporate world and living for my weekends/holidays, I realised that it was time for a dramatic change. I spent a winter season out in Val d’Isere and decided that a career in the outdoors was the way to go. I’ve always loved mountain biking, skiing and hill walking so a job as an Outdoor Instructor sounded perfect. It gives me the opportunity to share my love of the outdoors with others. I naturally gravitated towards the Scottish Highlands – where else in the UK would you go?!

Richard Bentley Mountain & Climbing training/assessment provider

My enthusiasm for the mountains is as great now as it was twenty years ago. I have a passion for winter climbing and am happy to discuss routes and epics (not ethics!!) with anyone.

Roy Gibson & Sophia Gibson – Directors

Roy: It was during early years in youth work that I realised that leading and coaching in the outdoors could become a career and duly set out to make it happen. I guess the rest is history… My passion for the mountains grew into “all things outdoors”. I was soon kayaking, canoeing, snowboarding, skiing, biking, ski mountaineering etc… My travels throughout the world have taken me on many amazing journeys on foot, canoe, bike and skis.

Sophia: I very soon became equally passionate about wild places … mountains and rivers. For me, these were always less of the thrill and more of the journey… being with people while we share the beauty, tranquillity and inevitable challenges of the environment offers an amazing opportunity to learn about each other and ourselves.

We have many more professional outdoor instructors and people who work on the course; we have just taken a selection.

Some of the Professional Outdoor Instructors who we have helped start their career

All our current staff have come through the course themselves. But instead of talking about them, let’s talk about a couple of the people who have come through the course and gone their own ways in life.

Lou Reynolds

Specialises in teaching mountaineering and climbing techniques in summer and winter as well as guiding rock, ice and mixed climbing. When teaching and coaching, she thrives on teaching clients to develop their skills set and feel more self=sufficient and confident to go out and do these activities on their own. Currently working towards her BMG.

Emy Mcleod

She is passionate about all things outdoors! Mountains, Rivers, Crags and Trails! The Highlands has been her home for 5 years now; having travelled to other continents to experience different cultures, for her, Scotland is always in her heart. She swings by regularly to say hi and is still friends with all the staff.

We have written up this blog as a wee snippet so you can see some of the staff who will be working with you on the Outdoor Instructor Training Course, prior to actually meeting them. And also to give you an insight into where the Outdoor Instructor Training Course can take you in your career.

Freddie Cole – Senior Instructor

My lifetime ambition is to travel the world inspiring others to love and care for the environment via engaging in outdoor activities which allow a different view. Most importantly to enjoy every step of life so I can look back and be happy.

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