ITC Course Reviews

Instructor Training Course Candidate Reviews

Read Reviews from some of our Outdoor Instructor Training Course Candidates that have undertaken the course. Don’t just take our word for the course, see what other people who have completed it say as well. Many of these individuals have gone on to complete our Instructor Development Programme as well. And even those that don’t almost all stay in the industry and head to different locations across the country working in the outdoors either for other centres, or as freelance. Many Outdoor instructor Training Course Candidates love the area so much that they find they cannot move away once they come up and a huge number have settled in the area and still keep in touch on a regular basis. 

Active Outdoor Pursuits has trained and developed qualified outdoor instructors through our Outdoor Instructor Training Courses for over 10 years.  Those on the courses have gone on to achieve successful careers in the outdoor industry. Hear what the past candidates have to say about the course!

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sup paddling

Lee Jones

“The course will give you a lot of exposure and experience working in the industry whilst working toward the qualifications that are vital for your professional development. I took part in the Ski module in Colorado and having never been on skis before it was a massive learning curve, but the module allowed me to reach a standard where I was confident. “

Matthew Gault

“I found the course enriching and rewarding and it was a great way to explore Scotland whilst learning new skills. There were challenging moments, like paddling into a blizzard, but I enjoyed these moments too.”

Daniel Smith

“I think the ITC helps you develop a lot as an individual, which benefits both life in the outdoors and your personal life. The climbing trip in Spain and also the Winter Skills day in the Cairngorms were two of my favourite moments of the course.”

Cameron Reynolds-Beer

“I loved being able to develop my skills in a wide range of activities alongside other enthusiastic and like-minded people. The ITC is a challenging, fun and rewarding course and a great way to develop your skills and kickstart a career in the outdoors or progress your career further.”

Megan Butler

“The ITC has brought me to many amazing places and introduced me to like-minded people who are friends for life. It helped me overcome my fear of moving water and I have so much fun every time I am out on the water now. The white water safety courses and being in the water regularly has helped this. The amount of skills and confidence the team builds for everyone too is a big part of why I would recommend the ITC to anyone looking to get into the outdoor industry.”

Eloise Cassels

“I found the ITC strengthening, exciting and fulfilling. I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for the outdoors and wants to work on their skills to become more competent. Your skills develop faster when you are surrounded by like-minded people and have constant opportunities to get out and practice.”

Lianne Trendell

“My goal when enrolling on the ITC in 2020 was to get myself a new career in the outdoor industry. The ITC taught me everything I need to know to make this dream come true. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to have a super fun job in the outdoors. Currently living the dream!”

Alex Doger de Speville

“The ITC has taught me so many new skills and shown me what I am really capable of. Every day was exciting and a new adventure. The ITC is a great option for anyone who wants a change of lifestyle- to be surrounded by nature, gaining endless new skills to develop into a professional outdoor instructor.”

Jack Nicholson

“The ITC is a great pathway into the industry as you really do get trained above and beyond the standard necessary. I came in as a total beginner and am now very confident in leading and instructing groups, including the new ITC students.”

Instructor Training Course candidate reviews

Laura Swanson
“Came out with everything i wanted in terms of course aims”
“Training was great!”
“Great Course, I have found my career path!”

Instructor Training Course candidate reviews

Scott McCartney
“Training was very good & often exceeded the standard required for training & assessment”
“This is an amazing course for getting a leg up in the outdoor industry”

Gareth Wright
“Very high quality of training, I learned a lot!”
“Rafting Course was very hands on, a great course & way to learn”
“seen incredible parts of the country”

Rachy Sinnamon
“Enjoyed the rock climbing the most, loved getting stuck in”
“I’ve no regrets”

James Count
“Quality of training provided was very good”
“It has given me a good foot in the door into skiing, climbing & hill walking”

James Leigh
“My knowledge of the outdoors has improved tremendously”
“Really enjoyed my ITC course, the time flew by”

canoeing in aviemore & the cairngorms

Ross Fowler
“Training was delivered above par!”
“Gained invaluable knowledge & skills”
“High level of instructing and vast experience”

Outdoor Instructor Training Course Candidate reviews

Beth Smith
“Excellent Instructors & catered for individuals with different experience & ability levels”
“Absolutely exceeded my expectations of what I could achieve”

Outdoor Instructor Training Course Candidate reviews

David Wood
“Good value for money”
“Great experience. If you’re interested in the outdoors it’s definitely worth applying for”

Tom Ogg
“Highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to get into outdoor instructing”
“The 2 week skiing trip was the most enjoyable for me!”

Andrew Southworth
“I have gained a lot of knowledge about each sport that no doubt is invaluable as I go on in my outdoor career”
“Quality of training was outstanding”

Harry Evans
“The course has helped me focus on my career pathway as an outdoor instructor”
“Very enjoyable course with very knowledgeable instructors”

Seb Prior
“The course was to a high standard. All staff are great leaders”
“I cannot recommend this course enough”
“Spain was a fantastic location for our climbing training”

Outdoor instructor training course candidate reviews

Iain Tennant
“All my course aims were met and went beyond my expectation, especially my skiing”
“Very well organised course & company”
“Trips abroad were awesome”

Instructor training course climbing ben

Ben Cartwright
“Met my expectations and more!”
“Fantastic course – before I only dreamed about having the knowledge and skills… Now I have them!”

Gethin Richards
“This course has provided me with a strong foundation of experience and qualifications to develop my career in the outdoor industry”

Outdoor instructor training course candidate reviews

Rory Dracup
“Fantastic coaching from a very professional company”
“Great locations and venues to learn & develop in for paddle & mountain sports”

Josh Robinson
“If you are serious about a career in the outdoors and want to be in a diverse and driven learning environment, then this is the course for you.”

Open Canoe Leader Assessment

Emy McLeod
“A fantastic 5 months of intense training with highly qualified instructors.”
“Great footstep in the door to becoming an outdoor instructor”

River Tay canoe descent

Roo Rosenwald
“Scotland is the place to be for the outdoors. Active’s ITC course was perfect for me. Learned lots and now I’m qualified to work in the outdoors!”

James Miller
“I felt the level of inclusion, professionalism and tailored learning to individual requirements was incredibly well managed.”

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