Trip Grading Explained

We want you to have the best experience on our adventure holidays and journeys.  We have developed a grading system to view at ease the physical levels and technical levels required for our trips. The adventure holidays and journeys that operate do vary in terms of levels of fitness, experience and accommodation facilities.  Our grading system displayed on each of our trips uses icons on a 1-5 difficulty and comfort rating.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking grading is based on the level of fitness, physical demand with height gain/distance traveled and technical ability in terms of skill level required for the trip. 1 – Quiet country roads & forestry tracks, little if any ascent & short in distance. 2 – Mainly forestry tracks, small short climbs, non-technical riding & up to 6 hours riding. 3 – Forestry tracks, increased ascents with some technical riding. Full Day Riding. 4 – Several technical ascents & descents, forestry & off road terrain. Full Day Riding. 5 – Consistent technical ascents & descents, forestry & off road terrain.  Full Day riding.  


Adventure trips that include a paddling usually involve an overnight camp.  It is not always required to have experience in either a sea kayak or canoe as basic skills will be taught at the start of the days.  A few of our adventure trips do require you to have experience in either craft, this is due to the grades of river and technical waters you may face during our trips.  We are able to run pre holiday introduction day/s to paddling to ensure you get the most out of your trip. 1 – Sheltered flat water paddling, no experience needed. 2 – Open flat water, no experience needed. 3 – Open flat water, reasonable fitness level, long distance, possibility of moving water & weather elements (wind exposed). Experience desirable but not essential. 4 – Moving or exposed open water conditions. Some previous paddling experience required. 5 – Moving & exposed open water conditions.  Long paddling duration.  Previous paddling experience essential.
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