Instructor Training Course Review James Miller

James Miller: Senior Instructor: Active Outdoor Pursuits

5 Month Winter Course 2013

Why Did you Choose Active to do your instructor training course?

To be totally honest because they gave me the information I needed over the phone upon the initial call and other companies I had contacted were nowhere near as informative or helpful.

What was your experience of the ITC course in terms of content, delivery, course outcomes achieved etc.

I felt the level of inclusion, professionalism and tailored learning to individual requirements was incredibly well managed. I had some training courses under my belt already and as a result managed to get both the SPA and ML assessment on the course instead of the training which was nice. The trip to Breckenridge is totally unforgettable and you could not ask for a better environment to learn to ski/board or to progress your current skills and hone your coaching abilities.

Where are you now in your outdoor career?

Currently working as a senior instructor for Active, I loved it so much I never left 😊

Did the course help you find a career in the outdoors?

Yes I stayed on after the course for the apprenticeship which set me up nicely. As it was I was offered a senior passion within the company so I simply could not refuse. Every day is different and the outdoors is the best dang office one could ever think of.

What would you say to future candidates looking at a career in the outdoors?

Don’t wait you can’t have a better environment to work in and every day is a day to look forward to. It isn’t an industry that you will ever earn a huge amount in but instead you truly do love what you do and that is so worth it. It doesn’t matter your experience level – whether you are already a gnarly climber or paddler, or whether you have only ever dabbled in the sports this industry is amongst one of the friendliest and most helpful out there so just get involved.


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