Level 2 Mountain Bike Training

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The British Cycling Leadership Level 2 training is a two day course.  This consists of covering the skills associated with planning, group management, leadership and technical skills required to consolidate further prior to assessment.


Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Course – 2 Day Training Course

The Level 2 mountain bike training course teaches people how to safely lead others in mixed and varied terrain, on and off road in a variety of different types of off road track. This course is widely considered the entry level course for those looking at leading others on mountain bike days, but is also suitable for those looking to simply develop their own personal skills.

You need to be a current member of British cycling and have registered for the award prior to doing the course.

According to British Cycling, the level two mountain bike training course will look at the following:

  • planning and delivery of appropriate rides for your group
  • leading techniques for effective group management
  • map reading and navigation for a flowing journey
  • management of accidents and emergency situations
  • equipment set-up and trailside repairs
  • core mountain bike techniques.

The pre-requisites for the level 2 mountain bike training course are as follows:

  • You need to be over 18 years old.
  • Have significant mountain biking experience on and off track in different types of weather and terrain.
  • Have a logbook containing 15 quality rides in the last year.
  • Hold a valid two day first aid course.

British cycling define a quality mountain bike ride as the following:

  • Involvement in planning and leadership.
  • Adverse conditions may be encountered and map based navigation skills required.
  • Experience of terrain and weather comparable to UK conditions.
  • Attention is paid to safety, increasing knowledge and practising skills.
  • The ride will include sections of technical difficulty which reflect the Level 2 or 3* environment  (*as appropriate).
  • Journeys are likely to contain a proportion of ascent and descent throughout.
We do not cover personal registration, certification or membership fees.

Take a look at the British Cycling webpage where you can find out lots of more information.

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