X Adventure

Competitive team event involving orienteering, problem solving tasks, canoeing, cycling, walking, rock climbing and abseiling. This event can be facilitated at various venues throughout Scotland.

The aim is to complete the challenge as set out in the “Challenge Instructions” using the map, equipment provided, individual skills and team strengths. The event involves visiting the areas highlighted on the master map where you will collect information, solve problems and participate in challenges. You will work in teams of 6-8, journeying by foot, canoe/raft, and bike. As you navigate the course, completing the various elements of the event, you will earn valuable team points. Everyone who participates is a winner but your team could be the X Adventure champions?

The event will kick off paddling and navigating your way around the loch, looking for markers or clues on the way. Once all the clues have been found you will paddle to the head of the loch and “get on your bike” for a mile or so completing tasks along the way. This is followed by a short hike to the rock face where you will scale the heights followed by another short hike to the second rock face where you will have to abseil 30 feet down to the path, which you will follow back to the bikes. From there on it is full steam ahead, back to the canoes and back across the loch to the finish where you will be welcomed with hot drinks and snacks or a Bar-b-q.

Note; although this event sounds fairly extreme, it will be tailored to suit each individual group and takes into consideration the general fitness and ability of individuals in the team. We design the event to allow positive outcomes for all except maybe the most deeply rooted couch potatoes.

Open Canadian canoes or rafts, which are very stable, are used for the event, Instruction on paddling techniques and navigation will be given prior to setting out and qualified instructors will be at the rock faces to get you up and down safely.

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