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corpoOutdoor adventure provides exciting and dynamic opportunities for corporate events. Experience the immediate thrill of trying new activities. Our experienced instructors provide invaluable support in exploring the interpersonal and life skills that flourish in the outdoor environment – communication, working with others, problem solving, leadership …. the possibilities are endless and the benefits for both the individual and the team are immense.
All Active team and personal development courses are individually designed to meet the unique requirements of your business. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to client needs in the provision of courses that are unique to individual requirements.

Tell us your vision and the aims of your event and we will support you in making it happen. It will be a stimulating, rewarding and inspiring experience with positive and tangible benefits in the workplace.

Corporate Events with Active Outdoor Pursuits

Throughout our lives we repeatedly find ourselves in teams – in the classroom, the boardroom or on the sports field – we have all experienced the challenges and thrill of working with other people towards a common goal.

Taking time to reflect on the team experience through experiential adventure provides tangible and immediate results for individual and team growth.

Active provide two distinctive types of event tailored for team development.


Celebrate your team’s success with a reward event or just get to know each other better by participating in the fun and exciting activities which Active offer such as White Water Rafting, Gorge Scrambling, Abseiling, Canoeing, Adventure Races, Snowsports etc… It’s a team decision! Guaranteed to generate energy and unity within the team.


We use the challenge of the outdoor environment and a series of strategic challenges to focus on problem-solving, team work, brain-storming, building self-confidence, strategy development, decision making, reviewing skills, resolving conflict, establishing trust, etc. Builds valuable skills for your teams success!

For further info on our corporate weekends / challenges please visit the links below;

Adventure Challenge – Single day event based around an orienteering course using map reading skills to find your way through a course, en route facing problem solving tasks!

Shipwrecked – A treasure hunt to find your way back after being marooned on an desert island!

Lost! – A Day event where your team will be tested physically and mentally to get themselves to safety after getting lost in the hills.

X Adventure – Competitive team event involving orienteering, problem solving tasks, canoeing, cycling, walking, rock climbing and abseiling.

All events are fun, motivating and foster a strong team spirit amongst participants. These can be facilitated within a one day or multi-day event or by overnight expeditions, tailored to best facilitate your specific requirements and the aim of your event.

Scotland’s Highland Games are renowned throughout the world as a unique event.  If you are looking for that something extra to make your day one to remember why not experience your very own Highland Games event.

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